Let’s get started (again), shall we?

Dear reader,

Welcome to Margi’s Place. This spot in cyberspace is more for me, family and friends than it is for a stranger or two who might happen upon it someday.

I have paper journals all over the house and I do mean all over. I start them, have good intentions, then…nothing. There are folks who are so dedicated they have their journals completed, numbered, dated – the whole shebang. I have whimsical journals, gorgeous ones, ordinary ones, and they all have one thing in common: they’re unfinished.

I’m not sure why I think this one will be any different but I have to try.

I was asking myself the other day, when did we stop being amused by older people who met for a bite to eat only to end up talking about their various ailments and doctor appointments and suddenly we turned into those very same people?

Too soon, that’s when.

When our favorite aunt was alive, she almost cried when she told me that she and her husband had so many doctor appointments she needed to buy calendars just for those. I thought it was a great idea and now I’m using it myself.

Oh, it’s not for me – yet. It’s for Gary, my sweet husband of 45 years, whose health suddenly took a downhill slide. He’s weak, coughs, walks with a cane and can’t do much of anything anymore except walk from the living to the kitchen to the bathroom and back again. No more going upstairs, at least not yet.

I Googled his symptoms and came up with a hiatal hernia and COPD. After three specialists and a physical therapy visit over a period of almost six months, the doctors agree. Sigh.

Hey, I’m not bragging. I just know how hard it is to be without enough money to live on, what it’s like to worry about bills. I don’t want to go back to that and by going to so many medical professionals we are slowly eating away into the small amount of money I make. (Yes, I’m still working and will have to for a while. Let’s talk about my 24/7 pain another time.)

We can’t get Gary into a doctor appointment for another 11 days, so he keeps coughing and getting weaker. If/when he’s diagnosed with COPD he can get the treatment he needs. Hopefully that will give him a better quality of life, and then he can begin physical therapy for his weakness. I just want him to feel well again. That’s it.

I’ll come back later. I have a lot to tell. I hope this time, I can keep my promise to myself.

Saturday, January 6, 2018