Warm thoughts on a frigid morning

Mom and Vonne at Mom’s April 9, 2014 birthday party


In one of the newspapers last week I found a Kohl’s circular. It made me smile.

Almost every time we (Vonnie, Mom and I) went shopping, Vonnie and Mom wanted to stop at Kohl’s. I didn’t see the attraction; in fact, most of the time I wanted to be dropped off at a bookstore while they shopped. I didn’t have the money, for one thing, and even if I did I preferred being surrounded by books and coffee or tea.

I thought of Vonnie again when I was driving home from the hospital with Gary early last week. The road between Annawan and Kewanee was not good. There were too many places where I couldn’t see the center line and snow kept blowing across our path from the open fields. There were snow-packed patches that made me freak out, and I know my heart was in prayer the whole way.

The reason I thought of Vonnie (and Mom) was because we were hardy souls back in the day. We went Christmas shopping one year when the roads to Galesburg were iffy at best. Vonnie had the Tahoe, her favorite vehicle, and we drove straight through drifting snow and bitter cold. The parking lot at the mall was bumpy as all get out with ice mounds and potholes. Mom got dropped at the mall entrance so she wouldn’t have to maneuver the parking lot.

As you can imagine, that close to Christmas meant lots of cars parked every which way. It was hard to see parking stripes in that mess but we managed to find a spot not too far away. We snuggled inside our coats and made our way inside the mall.

The first thing Mom asked was where the restaurant was where we could get coffee to warm up before shopping. Vonnie had to break the news that there wasn’t one in the mall, and the nearest spot was Perkins.

I honestly can’t remember if we went ahead and shopped without coffee or if we trudged back to the car. I’m going to go with the former. We were hardy back then, but we weren’t stupid.

And boy, did we ever have fun.

January 8, 2018