Tea (and prayer) time


Here it is, my beautiful tea set.
I prayed for Vonnie here.

I wanted to show you the gorgeous tea set I write about below but I’ll have to wait until I can upload it. Try to imagine it until it appears above. (I found it!)

When I was a kid, Diane and I played house – a lot. We didn’t have a two-parent household so I just “played” at what I gathered at school from classmates who, to me, had a normal home life.

I longed for a mom and dad for us. A dad who worked all day, came home and ate supper with us, then played with us until time for bed. Since that didn’t happen, I used our dolls as a family, then served meals with our plastic tea set.

We didn’t just play house. I loved dinosaurs, too, and played with those at Aunt Mary’s house in Kewanee.

I don’t know how many years ago it was but Vonnie and I were shopping in Peoria when we decided to visit Pier One. We loved that store and it usually took several trips around the inside in order to see everything.

I saw the tea set I wanted, but I gave it some time and looked at other things. I came back to the set and decided to buy it. At that time I didn’t drink tea; I just wanted to re-live my childhood.

Years later Vonnie needed a silent auction gift so I gave her the set. It’s such a beautiful color and we thought someone would grab it but it didn’t sell, so it came home with her. She kept it atop her refrigerator for a long time until one day, when she decided to have a yard sale. She mentioned she was selling it and I, of course, was broke.

I asked if she’d consider selling it to me and I think she forgot how she got it. When I told her, she insisted I take it home. Some time passed, but eventually I brought it home.

Lots of things remind me of her: Kohl’s ads, inspirational books, Philippians 4:6-7, Bible studies, Chevy Tahoes – and my tea set.

Memories. Gotta love ’em. Cherish yours and make as many good ones as you possibly can.

January 20, 2018


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