Calendars, scary times, vacation

Because sometimes only a frog will do.


A few years ago Vonnie was musing how she needed a separate calendar for various things. She and Tom had one doctor/specialist visit after another, and along with ordinary important dates, her calendar runneth over. Hence, she came up with a great idea.

She figured she needed a calendar for her and Tom’s appointments, another for birthdays and anniversaries, and a regular one for, well, regular stuff.

The idea was gold, but it wasn’t implemented like she hoped. Now I’m seeing the need for the same.

My work calendar gets more crowded by the day (pun intended). It’s the nature of the job; it’s going to keep changing and getting full. I get that.

The other calendar, for now, would be just for Gary. Though I have to say, his doctor visits are slowing down a bit. He’s had great news about his stomach scope – no cancer! We just found that out last week.

We’ve been to his regular doctor (finally!!!) and he was prescribed a nebulizer (that’s a story unto itself), and an inhaler of sorts. That, too, is another story.

Gary is feeling a tad better, though he still walks bent over and gets winded easily. It’s going to take a while, a long while, but we’re taking it one day at a time. (Again with the calendar talk!)

There was an incident at work, not the location here in town, but where I spend my time. It was a stunning display that I probably will never forget and it resulted in something I find incredibly sad. It’s had such an impact on me I just can’t stop thinking about it.

To top it off, we had a visitor at our home last night that ended up with me calling the police and making a report. The visitor was definitely “not okay”, and frankly, I was scared. Neither of us could have done much to defend ourselves if I’d let the person inside; in fact, I shouldn’t have opened the door after they called out their name.

My heart is heavy over what happened, and I can’t help wondering where they are now. This isn’t the first time the person had a breakdown but it is the first time I know for sure they know where I live. I keep the curtains shut and the door locked, and I keep my head on a swivel whenever I go out, which isn’t much.

You know what? I think I need a vacation. One of these days….

January 27, 2018


2 thoughts on “Calendars, scary times, vacation

  1. OMGoodness!! I had no idea you had so much going on!! My love and prayers to you both! Could a lunch date be added to your calendar?


  2. Even if I could afford it I wouldn’t have time for lunch. My calendar is incredible! But, I prefer to be thankful for the work…it’s so much more peaceful that way. Just an FYI, the woman who showed up Friday night was Lisa Hammer. Gary and I didn’t feel we could physically protect ourselves. She had a 12-pack of beer and a bag of hamburgers and wanted to come in. I’m glad she didn’t barge inside – she seemed “high” on something. After she left I worried for hours about her own safety. We felt we had to make a police report – just in case. I was told by someone who should know and whom I trust that Lisa was fired from The Dispatch. She’s been a reporter for YEARS and was so very good at it. When she’s on her meds she shines in her craft. I feel so bad for her.


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